Andaman and Nicobar Islands


In the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, nature has painted such a unique color that you will be charmed by coming here.

It is said about Kashmir that if there is a heaven on earth then it is here, it is here, it is right here. In the same way, if asked if there is a paradise of nature between the sea, then all would say that in the Andaman Nicobar Islands. From the southern side of Myanmar in the Bay of Bengal, the area of Pearl beads is spreading just south of Indonesia to the islands of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. From north to south, the coastal length of Andaman Nicobar is 1912 km and its area is 8249 kilometers. Andaman Nicobar islands are composed of 572 small islands, of which only 37 islands have human population. The remaining forest cover is covered. The climate here is tropical. The low temperature throughout the year is 23 degrees Celsius and the highest is 30 degrees Celsius. The humidity of 70 to 90% and rainfall is estimated to be around 3200 millimeters.

Sandy velvet sheets extending far away on the ocean coast, the evergreen greenery flows from the rare trees, the polluted-natured nature, the dizziness all the time, the dizzying breeze and the affluent people are attracted to the tourists. For the coming of Andaman, tourists stay well from October to May. It lasts from May to September and November to January. Can be reached by the Andaman Sea and Air. The sea can be reached by Chennai, Kolkata, and Visakhapatnam. For stamps, the office of Shipping Courcourt can be contacted. By air, Delhi, Kolkata, and Chennai can be reached, landing in Port Blair, tourists must contact the Administration Department of Tourism.

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These islands of the Gulf can be divided into two parts – the northern island chains and the southern island chains. Northern island chains include Northern Andaman, Mid-Andaman and South Andaman These separate marine coves The southern island ranges include – the islands of Nicobar which comes first – car Nicobar. It is difficult for tourists to get here. Due to being a restricted area of this, tourists cannot come here without permission from the government. The 10-degree channel separates these two islands. The capital of Andaman is Port Blair. It is located at the airport and the port. Port Blair is the center of the Andaman trade. Crores of rupees are traded here. Radhanagar Sea Corridor of Havelock Island is famous in Asia. In the northeast, only the country’s only active volcano Baron Island is located.

Girl in Andaman

Located right on the southern edge of Great Nicobar, whose headquarters is Campbell Bay. The administrative headquarters of the Nicobar Island Chains is Nicobar Island, where the offices of the administration are located. Tribal community resides in this plot spread over 125 sq. Km area. This place is known for its estates of sea beaches and mango trees.

Tourist spot in the capital Port Blair

As soon as landing in the capital Port Blair, tourists will find many sights nearby the city. For guidance, they have to contact the Administration Department of Tourism. The most important of this is Chatham Island. It is a small island, connected by a solid bridge from Port Blair. On this island, on March 10, 1858, 200 rebel soldiers of 1857 were brought. It is also an old port. Earlier the ships stayed on this and had to leave here. Now for the arrival and stay of the ships, the new Ghat in the west of Chatham has become a Haddo wharf. The largest government jigsaw mill in Asia is established on Chatham Island. Large wooden logs are harvested here, only one kilometer away from Chatham – the Haddo Mini Zoo.

Chatham Island

Now after enjoying this, the tourists should definitely see the museum sea museum is run by the Navy. Colorful fish, oceanic shells and coral inside the sea can be seen in this museum. It is about one and a half kilometers away from the Indian Museum of Human Science at a place called Middle Point, a scenic museum. You will find detailed information on the living and living off the 5 Primitive tribes living in the islands in this museum. Sagarika Museum, which is run by the industry department here, is worth seeing at a place called Middle Point. In this museum, you will find different art samples of CP, Cane, Bamboo, and wood. You can buy various types of jewelry and home decoration made from sea shells from here.

Cellular Jail

If you did not see the Cellular Jail by landing Port Blair, you could not see anything. This jail is located just a short distance from Aberdeen Market of Port Blair. The construction of this was started in 1886 and was completed in 1906. Initially, it had seven arms and 698 cells were there. Now the 3 sides remain. Independence fighters were kept in captivity in these cells. This is where he was right as the British government tortured. Now it has been declared by the Indian Government as the National Memorial.

A special program of sound and light is shown in the courtyard of this. This program is based on the history of this prison and the life of the revolutionaries. This takes the audience to a thrilling world of the past. This is to buy a ticket. The cellular is located only a short distance from the seas – Marina Park, which is the only beautiful park in the city. Here is the fair of people in the evening. The cold breeze of the ocean can be enjoyed here. There is a small Ras island near Port Blair. Here it was the headquarters of the British Government from 1858 to 1941. Even today the ruins of the Church of that time, the headquarters of the bungalow, hospital, market, temple, etc are found. Boat service is available from Aberdeen Jetty for this island.

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