Ambassador car


By the time the car was considered as a symbol of status, in the coming days only it will be buried in history pages. While the history of this car is very interesting.

Who does not know the Ambassador car? This name does not need an introduction. The Ambassador car is recognized as the strongest car in India has been considered as the official vehicle of the Government of India. The police and the army are also continuing the system. Ambassadors, from politicians to actors, have been the favorite cars of all, but in changing and increasing modernity, not only impressed the demand, importance, and status of this car but also eliminated its existence.

Ambassador Car

Hindustan Motors, located in Uttarpara, West Bengal, on 24 May 2014, due to decreasing sales of 7-8 crores every month, the production of Ambassador closed forever, and the name of this car is being entered in the history books.

There was a time when this car used to be a status symbol between people. The house in which there was this car, people in that house would be rich. In Indian democracy, it also becomes a symbol of emotions. But with the change of time along with the role of an aging actor, the role of the Ambassador car has changed. Slowly the cars and taxi drivers started to carry.

But there was a shock to the Ambassador when the government started using other vehicles instead of Ambassador for security reasons. First of all, when Atal Bihari Bajpai became Prime Minister in 2003, he chose BMW instead of Ambassador. After this, all the leaders of the slow pace started choosing foreign cars of their own choice.

For the last few years, the purchase of Ambassador cars in Government Department has almost become zero. Also, the general public also started ignoring the Ambassador. That’s where the Ambassador’s bad days started.

Ambassador Car

Hindustan Motors Ltd., the first indigenous car in the country, started production of Ambassador in 1942. Since then, many new indigenous car companies have introduced their own cars equipped with new technologies, which require a lot of changes in Ambassador. But the company could not fulfill these requirements, due to which the car will have to be buried in the pages of history in the future.


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