Statue of Liberty

The World’s Tallest Women Statue: Statue of Liberty

After knowing these things related to the structure and construction of the world’s tallest women statue: Statue of Liberty, you will also be ecstatic to see it once.

Last days I got an opportunity to go to New York. New York is a beautiful city on the banks of the Hudson River. On reaching there, I saw that the Statue of Liberty, which had just heard and read about it, was standing in front of my eyes. The Statue of Liberty is not only New York but also the highest and most amazing creation in the world. If you are going to America, make sure you plan to see it. Without seeing this, your trip to America will be incomplete.

This is made of copper. The height of this is 305 feet from the torch tip of the earth and the height of the statue is 151 feet. The pedestal has a height of 154 feet. The thickness of the skin of the copper is equal to the thickness of 2 coins. Copper skin is supported by steel rods, which are bundles in the lattice, and these rods are attached to 4 main rods to help the statue get strength.

The foundation of this was laid in 1811 when Badloe, now known as Liberty Iceland, became a star-shaped wood court. 54 years after that, in 1865, a group of French artists led by Edward D. Lebiola Bartholdi, thought of the first time Liberty Monument came to mind and that the group discussed the idea of mutual consultation Done They wanted to give it to America as a symbol of Liberty, that is, because at the same time the civil war ended with the end of Dasputra. The country wanted to move ahead, new methods of building a monument and building were being discovered.

Statue Of Liberty

In 1871, Edward D. Bartholdi toured America and selected a place for this in New York Harber. In 1877 the Congress was given the right to elect its place. The government lacked the funds, due to which private measures were launched in the United States to create a pedestal of its basic structure.

In 1879, Alexander Gustave Evil, who had built the Eiffel Tower, drafted the inner design of this statue. From 1881 to 1884 the Statue was made asylum in Paris and with this, the work of foundation was started in Badlou Iceland, now in Liberty. In 1884, Richard Morris made the entire design of Pedestal.

Center of attraction

In 1885 the statue was dismantled and brought to New York by ship. At the same time, for the construction of the pedestal, the work was being done by Joseph Pulitzer in the country to run the campaign to collect money. In 1886 the statue was renumbered and installed on Barlowe Island on October 28.

Message of liberty

Although this huge statue is made of copper but has become green due to continuous exposure to air. This green color has not only diminished its aura but it has only doubled. The Statue of Liberty appears to give a message of independence through many of its symbols. The broken chains of its feet show that freedom has now got rid of the cruel rule.

Statue Of Liberty

The highlight of this is the ray of light for the hopes of people coming from another country, giving the message of the torch and its flame justice and truth. In the left hand is the law book, in which the Roman script is marked on 4th of July, 1776, the day of US Independence. Through this, perhaps the country and society are being informed that in this independent country everyone will get justice and equal status. At the same time, the Crown of this probably gives a message that a common man can become a king here. The 7 rays created in the Crown of this represent the 7 continents of this world and 7 seas.

Mother of Exile

It takes about 21 years to plan and make this idol. Most people in America are migrants, that is, they are coming from other countries. In the late 19th century, due to the exorbitance of exorbitance and the strict rule of thwarting the rule of thwart, this statue, symbol of freedom, settled in the minds of the exiles as a mother to the mother.

Perhaps that is why it was also given the name of Mother of Exile, ie Mother of Exile. Indeed, this statue is a symbol of freedom for millions of migrants who came from other countries and settled here and who put their dedication to advance this country. After the First World War, the Statue of Liberty became the identity of America.

About 38 years later, in 1924 the Statue of Liberty received the National Heritage Award. In 1933, the National Park Service took over the responsibility of maintenance of the War Department. Badloe Iceland was named as Liberty Iceland in 1956. In 1986, it was renovated for statue’s centenary celebrations and given new grandeur.

Enjoy wild scenes

Due to the September 11 terrorist attacks in 2001, it was closed for visitors. Iceland opened on December 20 of the same year but it was not allowed to go to the statue. On August 3, 2004, after full security arrangements, it was reopened to see the public.


By entering the main entrance of this statue which is located in the rear of the base of this statue, the devotee can go to the 10th floor of the Pedestal through the Elevator and can ascend the 24 staircases and see the inside of the statue. Also New York Harbor, Manhattan Brewquillan can enjoy the bird’s view of Static Island and New Jersey. Visitors can get out through the historic Star Wood Court by following the public part of the stroll under this.

Security checkStatue Of Liberty

If you want to go to the Statue of Liberty, you can go to every day except on December 25. It is forbidden to take any food items here. With this, taking a bag or some weapon is also against the rule. Before going into the carriage to go there, a large number of passengers and their belongings are checked in the hall there. Just like the passengers are in security check before sitting in a plane.

How to go

In order to see this wonderful statue, in addition to the taxi, other means of transportation have to go to New York Harbor. New York harbor was the artificial port of New York for millions of migrants from the mid-19th century to the 20th century. The Statue of Liberty is located in the heart of the seafront Island Liberty Island, where ships can be reached by ships. A round trip ticket is available daily from 9:30 to 3:30 on the ship, which also rotates Alice Iceland with Statue of Liberty.

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