Say Good Bye To Sweat Smell

Say Good Bye to Sweat Smell in this Summer

New skin problems related to skin and health seem to raise the head in scorching heat. The big problem in these is to sweat. Most of the sweat comes in the arms, soles, and palms below the arms. Although most people tend to sweat a bit, some may sweat too much.

Some people also sweat due to sweating over the sweating glands, which is what we call hyperhidrosis syndrome. Due to excessive perspiration, not only does the body feel uncomfortable, but also increases the odor of sweating. The person’s confidence is shaken from this.

How to control Sweat and Sweat smell?

Special attention to cleanliness

Sweat is not the reason for your stomach. The problem of hugging the body occurs when the sweat gets along with the bacteria. This is the reason why our body does not have any odor after sweating immediately after the bath.

The day begins and it starts when perspiration comes repeatedly and keeps drying. Due to perspiration, the skin remains wet and in such a situation, there is a favorable environment for bacterial growth. If you keep the skin dry and clean, then the problem of sweating can be largely avoided.

Use Strong Deodorants and Antiperspirants

Deodorants and Antiperspirants

Dove Men Care Deodorant and Antiperspirants

Although the deodorant cannot stop sweating, it can be helpful to prevent odor from the body. Strong antiperspirants can stop sweating hives, which leads to perspiration. When the senses of your body feel that the sweat holes are closed then they stop leaving sweat from inside.

These antiperspirants are effective for up to 24 hours. If these instructions are not followed while using these, then they can also cause irritation of the skin. In this case, before using any antiperspirants, consult a doctor.


This technique is usually used on people who have used light antiperspirant but they do not benefit from this. This technique is used by a medical device named iontophoresis, through which lightly electric current is inserted in a water vessel or tube, and then the affected person is asked to put it in it.

It also enters through the surface of the current skin. The problem of sweating in the feet and hands is greatly reduced. But this method is not suitable for fixing the problem of sweating under the ankles.


Women Sweating

Excessive sweating under the arm not only causes bad odor but also can damage your dress. In order to treat this, purified botulinum of toxin is given through the injection of the toxin, by which the nerves of perspiration are temporarily closed. The effect of this remains 4 to 6 months. Mesobotox proves to be an excellent solution to treat the problem of excessive sweating on the forehead and face, in order to reduce perspiration, the diluted botox is applied in the skin even though it is injected.

Take Care of The Food

Some things to eat may also cause sweating. For example, hot pepper like black pepper can cause more sweating. Similarly, excessive use of alcohol and caffeine can expose sweat pores more. Along with this, the use of onion may increase the odor of sweat. Avoid overuse of these things during the summer days.

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