Odisha: The Confluence of Beauty and Culture

Somewhere along the green hills and the clouds surrounded by clouds, then somewhere in the history of the city. The Confluence of Beauty and Culture: Odisha

Odisha is a state of India where there is such a unique confluence of culture, civilization and natural beauty that whatever comes here once, it becomes compelled to come again and again. This is probably the reason that three major sights of Odisha – Mitrakarnika Wildlife Sanctuary, Chilka Lake and historic city Bhubaneswar have been included in UNESCO’s historical heritage list of UN Scientific and Cultural Organization.

On the one hand, the green forest cover of Odisha serves as a host for wide varieties of booms and animal birds, while on the other hand, there are many stunning hills and rivers between the picturesque hills and valleys, which give tourists around the world Attracts. In Odisha with 500 km coastline, where Baleshwar coast, Chandipur coast, Konark coast, Pardavip coast, Puri coast, giving new experiences to the tourists of North India, the other places hosts natural beauty, floral green forest cover, booms and beasts Sanctuary, like Nandan Kanan Sanctuary, Chilka Lake Bird Sanctuary, which gives flora and fauna an opportunity to flourish in natural environment.

Chilka Lake

Chilka Lake

The biggest saltwater lake in Asia, along with sheltering hundreds of birds, is one of the few places in India, where you can also donate dolphins. The lake is known for its beauty and wildlife spread over the coast of the state. It is the second lake after Victoria’s lake in Africa, where birds have such a huge crowd. Chilka Lake is a resident of Odisha that cannot be completed without seeing Odisha. With the change of sun rays and hovering over the lake, this panoramic lake is seen in different colors and colors in every day of the day.


Phulbani Odisha

Phulbani is a beautiful place from the natural landscape. The Pillasuluki river flows around the hills and surrounded by mountains around 3 mountains. Phulbani is the headquarters of Kandhamal district, where tourists get comforted. There is unlimited peace in this area away from the crowd. Panoramic peaks show panoramic views of the flowering. Here you can go anywhere between September and May. Bhubaneswar is the nearest airport here, while the nearest railway station in Bahrampur is connected to the main cities of India.

Kandhamal of Odisha is famous for its natural beauty as well as handicrafts. Daringbari is known as the Kashmiri of Odisha. This city is excellent for refreshing the heart of the heart. Wildlife, mountains, and waterfalls attract tourists here.

Kalinga valley is 98 km away from Phulabani. There is a place named Dammillah near this valley, where Emperor Ashoka fought a famous war of Kalinga. This valley is also known for its Silvi culture garden and Ayurvedic plants.

Chandrabhaga Beach

Chandrabhaga Beach

Chandrabhaga is a great place for tourism, boating and swimming in Odisha. If you want to make your special moments a beautiful memorable one, then come here. The famous Sun Temple of Konark is situated 3 kilometers from here. The annual Chandrabhaga fair takes place on this coast. During this time, the coast comes alive with tourists, colors, and light. The nearest airport to Bhubaneswar is Bhubaneswar. Apart from this, it is connected to the railways of cities such as Puri, Kolkata, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Visakhapatnam, etc.

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