Riding on the rocks and ropes on the hills from 50 km before reaching Netarhat will entice you. It is a priceless gift of nature.

Located at the height of 3,622 feet above sea level in Latehar district of Jharkhand state, which is rich with natural beauty and mineral wealth, the weather in Netarhat is pleasant all year round. This is called a priceless gift of nature, this is the reason why tourists come here to watch this unique place. This beautiful place of tourism nature is also called ‘Nature Haat’.

Netarhat is also called ‘Queen of Chota Nagpur’. Regarding the origin of the word Netarhat, it is said that the word Netur (bamboo) and Hatu (Haaat) together make this word. In ancient times, there was a bamboo forest, due to which its name became negligent. The hills near the Netarhat Plateau are called seven plates. Here people of Birhor, Uraon, and Birjia reside.

Buses run daily to reach Netarhat, about 160 kilometers away from Ranchi. The ride of a vehicle will make you enthralled on crooked roads built on hills from 50 km east of reaching Natarhat while coming from Ranchi.

Netarhat Shankh river

To reach Netarhat, you have to go through dense forests and hills. A Sarpila path from Banari village leads us to that place. Sometimes people are afraid of going through these paths. Throughout the road, bamboo, Semel, Palash, pine, sal, and Ayar trees will be welcomed to you, the smell of Kinkar flowers will keep you refreshing.

Tourists coming to Netarhat do not forget to see the sunrise and sunset here. Looking at the rainbow shade during sunrise, it seems that one blood vessel from the green lawgiver

The sphere is slowly rising up. At this moment, particle particles of nature become quadrangular and tourists are often told by seeing this scene – amazing!

To see the sunset, people go to Magnolia Point, 10 kilometers away from Netarhat.

Visitors visit here to visit the famous Netarhat residential school. Establishment of this school is founder of Indian Public School Conference, F.J. Pierce did in the year 1951. This school is famous for quality education.

Tourists arrive at Coyle View-Point to see the panoramic views of the North Koel river descending from the hill. Sadni waterfall is a significant picnic spot on Shankh river 35 kilometers away from Netarhat, 65 km away from Netarhat, Lodha waterfall is also there.

If you walk through the jungle-mountain, then you have to decide the distance of 16 km. By the way, there are three thin streams of water that falls apart from the mountains away from Magnolia Point. This waterfall falls from a height of 468 feet.

The tourists here do not forget to see the Upper Ghagari Waterfall and the Lower Ghagari Waterfall. Jharkhand’s second largest waterfall Barha Ghagh is also here, which attracts tourists.

Netarhat North Koel river

Staying here for three to four days can be fully enjoyed. Apart from the rest of the forest department’s rest house, apartments of different categories of private rest houses are also available.

There is also a route from Ranchi to Netarhat, and there can be reached from Daltonganj or Latehar while being Betla National Park and Mahuadand. Five to six buses run every day from Ranchi and Daltonganj. If you want to take a trip to your vehicle then what to say!

If you want to take a trip to a tourist destination in the summer of summer, Netarhat can be the best place for this.

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