Learn the different makeup tips for the party


Learn the different makeup tips for the party and get a different look

Any occasion, women should just need an excuse for themselves to decorate. Then, when it is a matter of marriage, without the makeup, there is no such glow in their beauty. How to make bridal make-up, party make-up and corrective make-up, and what are the things to keep in mind: tips by Kryolan Make-Up Expert Meghna Mukherjee


Bridal Make-up:

First of all, clean the face and dry it. Then add high-definition micro-primer. If there are scarves on the face, put concealer to hide them. Then polish the brush on the face. Now use the cream palette of high density. Apply base no. 250, 340 and 130 after mixing. Then put powder on it. Place the MSP 3 transparent powder with the brush. Apply it in clockwise and anti-clockwise. Then take a dark brown color in the brush and make the nose, cheeks, forehead, and chin. Make an eye-shaped makeup when the base is completed.

Bridal makeup

Cheeks makeup:

Blushing from the Glam glove pallet to show cheeks and beautify. From this, the cheeks look beautiful with shine and give the face a better look.

Eye Makeup:

Put shadow primer first of all. Then put a pink color shadow in the center of the iBoules by putting it in the Gold Braune Color Side from the Simmering Vision Palette. Then shred the shadows well. Take a blue color from the metallic palette on the corners of the eyes. Put Blue Cooper Shadow ThreeFrowth in the area under the eyes. Highlighting Living Color Silk Gold Then merge. Put powder shadow where the creamy shadow is applied. Put powder shadows even under the eyes. Sharpen the eyebrows with brown shadow by brush. Then apply Artificial Eyelashes or take the TVZ’s lashes. It is better. After drying, mix the cell sealer in the cake liner on it, apply glitter to the copper mascara.

Bridal Hairstyles:

First of all, make a part of the ear to ear hair. Make a pony back hair. Take a radial section from the ear to ear part and set the artwork in the crown area and set it to pin. Then spray the back of the radial section and make backcombing by taking 1-1 braces. Make a high puff of these backcombing hair and set it back to the pins. Spread both sides of the hair and spray them on the pony. Now put an artificial long peak on the pony. Make the round artificial big on the pony. Set 1-1 braces from the artificial hair and set it to the top of the pin. Then set the hair knot and set it on the bob pin only.

Bridal Hairstyle

With one such peak of 3 knots, one on one side in the round and on the other side similar note. Now put another peak side in the side of the joints. Now pick the accessories from the judo to the full peak. Apply accessories on the forward front.

Bridal Hair Bun or Braid:

After the makeup in the beauty of the bride, hairstyling is also very important, because the hairstyle has a perfect look of the bride. Hairstylist Ruby Mahajan is providing information about Bridal Hairstyles.

Party Makeup:

Clean the face and make the moisturizer. Then put the ultra under the base. It can be planted in any season. Mix the base OB3 and OB1 now. Mix well and apply powder to the face on the brush. Contouring the ODS 4 Contouring color for face contour, now do the contours on the nose, cheeks, forehead, and chin. Then put the translucent powder on the whole face from the TL11 brush.

Lip makeup:

First, clean them well to give lip a beautiful shape. Then put 2 drop cell sealer in the lipstick and apply it on the lips. Then put gloss lipstick on it. It will stay on the Lips for a long time.

Lip Makeup


Remove the demand between the hair combing well. Then forward the ear to ear partying. Make the back hair pony. Next, make a Khazriya peak from the back of the hair, after partaking the Box Area. Now make a puff of this Khazuri Peak. Wear the pony together and then combine the artificial hair. Tie them on the nets and decorate them with artificial accessories.


Curative Makeup:

Clean the face thoroughly. Then merge and merge the Orange Color Concealer D-30 on the dark circles of the face. Concealer 9632 Brush only Then put the primer on the whole face. Brush the direction in which the skin has hair Then place the Contouring Color. These are D-4, D-5, DFD-D3 dj2. Dab mix powder P3P5 Then place the base color on it. By mixing DFD, D5, sift the base by putting a drop of D 68 makeup bland into it. Then make the liquid. Dabbed the base with a brush. Place the Derma powder D-3, D-5 mixer with a brush after the base. Does the nozzle with the DJ2 Contouring Color. Contouring the Chicks, Nose and Barley lines from TV Brown Eyeshadow Powder.

Then mix the cell sealer in the cake eyeliner. Thick on the outer side and put a thin liner on the inside. Then apply Viva’s LiTi Highlighter by wearing a smack. Blusher peach color then applies lipstick pink color.

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