Be careful while eating fish

If You Are Fond Of Eating Fish, Be Careful !

If you are fond of eating fish, be careful, because now the taste of this can bring you to cancer.

When you are eating fish, do you know what you are actually eating? Chemicals, human stool or plastic?

Some time ago research from the Scientist of Plymouth University in the Marine Pollution Bulletin was printed, indicating that there was plenty of plastic ingenuity found in the one-third fish caught on the beaches of England. This is not just the case of the fishes of the North or Atlantic oceans.

Richard Thompson, a scientist in Planet Earth Online, told that the result of the initial research is that the entire coastline of the world, sea surface and small pieces of plastic in the seas of the United Kingdom are scattered in great quantities. Research has also come to know how these elements of plastic are making their own place in the body of the organisms.

Shocking facts

Within 10 kilometers of Plymouth Beach, 504 fishes were caught, including fish like Whiting, Horse Mackerel, John Dory, and Red Gurnard. Out of these 184 fish, digestive systems were removed from 1 to 15 pieces of plastic material. Other types of 351 plastics were also found in fish bodies. Most of these elements include plastic bottles, polythene, styrofoam (a kind of thermocol), plastic gloves, lid, packaging items of foam, plastic rope, plastic fishing net, egg-laying plastic cardboard, lighter, Cosmetic and sanitary products, etc. In addition to this, the remaining portion of the cigarette also got a considerable amount.

Horse Mackerel Fish

Some of these were removed from the body of the dead fish and the metal lid and glass pieces were also removed. The life of all these fishes had to end after becoming the diet of the hobby of their meat.

Plastic source

In 2011, the supermarket of the United Kingdom gave about 8 million thin polythene bags to people, which was 5.4% more than the bags used in the year 2010. Today every shopkeeper in the United Kingdom uses about 11 plastic bags in a month, which ends in the form of a fish diet.

Companies making cosmetic products use plastic as small particles that easily become food for fishes. These particles later become part of their diet by reaching the stomach of fish.

Beware of Fish Enthusiasts

Plastic found in the fish body can be used in many ways Plastic has all types of colors and chemicals such as Bisphenol A, organic pollutants and other poisonous substances, which can also make fish poisonous.

Dangerous plastic waste

In 2010, 31 million tons of plastic wastes in the US, of which 92% were thrown into the sea. In 2011, scientists found plastic in the 10% lantern fish caught from the Pacific Sea. Lantern fish mostly eat big fishes, which are themselves the beloved food of humans.

According to a researcher from San Diego’s ‘Scripps Institution of Oceanography‘, fish found in the depths of the middle of the North Pacific Sea eat 24,000 tons of plastic in 1 year.

Whether the plastic in the body of the fish is huge, it is later divided into so many small pieces that the fish can not see these pieces.

Research writer Rebecca Ash explains that 10% is too small. Even it is difficult to tell how many fishes died by eating plastic, how many fishes spewed him after eating plastic or the plastic reached them in the digestion system.

Plastic is Threat to environment

A study by the Allagalita Marine Research Foundation found that 35% of the central part of the Pacific Ocean is plastic in the stomach.

The big threat to the environment

Cheap, durable and light plastic is used in many industries. But a very little part of this plastic is re-exploited. The remaining part is shed in the rivers and oceans to pollute the environment, where it becomes the cause of major damage due to the fragmentation rather than being destroyed. Some part of this plastic is eaten by the fish, which later also reaches the human body.

Every year 2.5 million metric tonnes of plastic garbage comes out. This garbage contains plastic bags, sheets, etc. which are thrown into the water.

Due to excessive plastic, the ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patches’ has been created in the North Pacific Sea, which is spreading in hundreds of kilometers. It is like an island which will be bigger than these even if it joins Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. It lands in the ocean, becoming an obscure island that is looking for UFOs, the aliens will consider it as a country.

There are even more victims of plastic

Sea turtles are very sensitive. After being trapped in fishing nets, they often consume plastic bags as their favorite food jellyfish. Most turtles are found in the belly of those who are caught and eaten. The plastic binds the turtle’s intestines and they die from hunger.

Save Ocean

The small tablets made by plastic are used in many industries and transported from sea to sea. These pills often flow into the sea and are eaten by marine birds. Later these birds feed the bullets to their children. Of the 250 species of marine birds, 63 species of plastics have been found in the stomach.

Along with fish eating fish, these cancers also eat poisonous substances.

The plastic sewer, which is sourced from toilets, as medical waste, in water in the diapers, condoms or other forms, it consumes small fish as food. These little fishes eat big fish and then these big fish make people their food.

In 1975 the National Academy of Sciences researched and estimated that about 14 million pounds of garbage were thrown at sea every year i.e. 1.5 million pounds every hour There was a report in 1985 that it was revealed that the commercial vessels drop about 4.5 million plastic containers daily in the sea.

Tons of plastic waste is being thrown in the oceans by the buyers, military ships, commercial ships, boats and those exploiting oil and gas.

Human nature is very much When you eat fish, lots of plastic are eaten for free. Little fish eat their common food as Plankton by plastics pieces. There are a lot of data on the plankton and plastic particles. Some figures show the ratio of 6 and 1, then some destructive 46 and 1 that is 46 plastic particles and 1 of Plankton.

Soon it will be that fish will eat food in fish. Then when the fish is wrapped in plastic and given to you to eat, then understand that plastic outside and also plastic in. Why not cut it in a mediator and eat a plastic bag in lunch?

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