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Do you love things made of nature? Do you have an attachment to animals? If so, then this news is for you. If you have a strong attachment to animals, then you should definitely go to those places in the world, which can be a very special trip for animal lovers. If you are also those animal lovers, then we are going to tell you about places where you can meet dearly loved animals.

There are many types of living organisms in these places, but these creatures do not cause any harm to anyone because they have become habituated to living with people living in the environment.

Jellyfish Lake

Jellyfish Lake

If you have never seen the jellyfish before, this place is very special for you. Tourists enjoy swimming with thousands of jellyfish in this lake in Eil Malk island in Palau Island. Many years ago the sea used to be there, but the water level of the jellyfish continued to increase as the water level was low. Some jellyfish are dangerous, but the jellyfish present here does not harm anyone.

Fox Village, Japan

Fox Village, Japan

There is a village in Miyagi of Japan where you will find fox everywhere. Here are more than 100 foxes of 6 different breeds. They all roam around the large forest area. Visitors coming here can also play with them. But for this, they have to spend the first 700 Japanese yen. Playing with these foxes also brings great pleasure because they have become habituated to living with humans.

Rabbit island

Rabbit island Okunoshima

Rabbit Island is also known as Okunoshima. This is a small part of Hiroshima. Here are hundreds of rabbits. When the tourists come here to roam, they all seem to be running behind them to eat rabbits. It is not known to anyone that when this place began to be identified by the names of rabbits, but this place was known for testing the poison many years ago. And so much more rabbit in such a large number that you can not even count them. The number of rabbits here is more than the population here.

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