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How To Get Beautiful and Pink Lips?

Pink and soft lips are the desires of every girl, but because of hot air and hot sunlight in the summer, the lips become black and rust. So let’s take care of the lips in this season.

Nearly every woman has the problem of rough and dark lips in the summer season. For some, it is as important as keeping lip balm as much as the purse. Because the lips do not have oil glands and neither have hair to protect it from the environment. This is the reason why the lips quickly become stale and darken due to sunlight.

So take these tips to take care of your lips in the summer season:

Lips moisture

The most important for the skin is to provide adequate moisture. In order to maintain adequate moisture in the skin and lips, the body needs water every season. Especially in the summer, therefore, drink water in this season.

Keep control over the tongue

Lips repeatedly on the lips, the lips become stale or their skin starts ticking. Then there is a need for Mosier to keep the lips soft and moist. Therefore, leave the habit of repeating the lips on the lips.

Girl With Pink Lips

Include Vitamin B in the diet

Not taking vitamin B in adequate amounts not only affects your digestive system but also affects the health of your lips. The edges of the lips and the corners of the mouth burst forth after drying. Lack of vitamin B also causes ulcers in the mouth. In such a case, to keep the lips healthy in winter, take a good amount of vitamin B.

UV rays protection

The exposure of the Sun’s UV rays to the lips becomes less dirty. In such a way the lips like skin need to be protected from UV rays. To protect the lips from being curly and black, use balm or gels that protect the sun from the UV rays.

Lipstick suitable for summer

If you apply lipstick, then buy lipstick in which there is a good amount of moisturizer. Never sleep by putting lipstick. Definitely remove it before bedtime and do a good moisturizing lip bomb. Do not apply balm containing glycerin, alcohol, a chemical element or retinol.

Do not smoke

Smoking causes the lips to become black and rusty, so quit smoking immediately for the pink color of the lips. Cigarette drinkers have black lips.

How to get pink lips

get pink lips

To keep the colors of the lips pink, they need to have a regular scrub. You can use the mixture of olive oil and sugar powder to scrub the lips.

If you want to protect the lips from blackness, use lemon. The lemon has a natural bleach, from which the lips of the lips are easily lighted.

Use beetroot and rose water to give pink color to the lips, keep them cool, moisturize and absorb.

You can add some drops of rose water to honey and apply it on lips too. To nourish and moisturize your lips, you can also massage them with the olive oil.

To make the lips naturally pink, some drops of pomegranate juice have issues on the lips. Mix the water and cream with pomegranate juice and apply it on the lips.

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