Fix morning sickness in pregnancy

How to fix morning sickness in pregnancy?

It is normal to have morning sickness in the first 3 months of pregnancy, but if this problem persists, then these tips must be implemented. Read this article to fix morning sickness in pregnancy.

The 27-year-old Anjali started the problem of mortality sickness as a prerogative, but she did not pay much attention to it because the family had said that it is a common thing. This problem is solved in 2-3 months. But this did not happen with Anjali. Slowly he became weak And then at one time it came that he started feeling unable to walk.

Being disturbed when he came to the doctor, he told that he has been a victim of dehydration, which is absolutely not good at this stage and can be Miss Carriage any time. Anjali was admitted in the hospital and given medicine and medicine by IV. He got healthy in 2-3 days. Later, gave birth to a happy child.

It is not a disease

Morning Sickness

Actually, morning sickness is common in pregnancy. This is not a disease, because during this time women undergo many hormonal changes. Morning sickness is more in the first trimester. About this, Mumbai’s ‘World of Women Clinic’ director and gynecology expert, Bandita Sinha, says that pregnancy is considered as good for the mothering sickness, about 60 to 80% of women are in this condition, but more often than the body Water comes out in the water, which causes dehydration and the effect of it starts falling on both the child and the mother.

Some women do not have any time in the morning, this problem happens all day. But it is more and even after 3 months, it is important to consult a doctor because the hormonal changes last for 4-5 months. After this, the body adjusts it.

When repeated vomiting, the woman feels fatigued and weakness. This affects the growth of the child born in the womb. He may be a victim of malnutrition, which is afraid of delivery of Miss Carriage or prematurely.

Serious morning sickness is called Hyperemesis Gravidarum. This should be treated in a timely manner so that the child and mother are both healthy. This problem is more of those women who have twins or triplets.

Control Morning Sickness

Control Morning Sickness

Keeping these things in mind can be used to control the morning sickness:

  • As soon as you wake up from the bed, take dry dryer biscuits, dry fruits, apples, idli and so on. Drink some fluid or water later.
  • Do not eat anything after a little while.
  • Do not eat food that is vomiting with the smell of food.
  • Do not eat out of food, because of the number of acidity increases due to its indigestion, which increases the likelihood of vomiting.
  • Do not eat more heat. Always have light cold food.
  • Drink more water, soup, coconut water, Electrol powder, etc. Do not take fruit juice, because it contains chemical, which proves harmful at times.
  • Chances are more vulnerable when weight is high, so keep weight under control.
  • Those who have migraine or acidity may be more vulnerable.
  • Keep stress away.
  • get plenty of sleep.

    These home remedies can also be adopted:

  • Taking the ginger with salt, this problem can be overcome to a great extent.
  • By mixing the juice of water, lemon and mint, it also removes the morning sickness. After this even if there is a problem of the morning sickness, then immediately contact the doctor.

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