Best beauty products

How to Choose Best Beauty Products

We tell you what kind of product will be good for your skin and hair. what are the best beauty products?

To look beautiful, you use a variety of cosmetics, but have you ever tried to know how accurate they are for your face and skin? If not, then keep this in mind, because poor cosmetics can damage the skin.

About which brand’s cosmetics are best for hair and skin, according to director Sharma Sharma of Oriflame Cosmetics, Faridabad, “Always use cosmetics as per the skin. It’s not right to buy cosmetics after seeing intriguing advertisements. The right choice of these is very important because the skin of each age has its own needs.

Therefore it is necessary for the use of cosmetics according to their age and skin. ”

Best Hair Care Products

Regarding this, Noida’s Hairstylist and Makeup Artist Meenu Malhotra Talwar say, “Always buy best cosmetics for hair. These are a bit expensive, but with the use of these, you will be unaware that there will be no side effects on your hair. For hair highlighting, coloring, shampoo, conditioner you can choose products of Schwarzkopf, Loreal, Matrix, Wella and Revlon Brand.

Wella Professional Shampoo

“All these brands have low ammonia in hair colors, which will make them hairy and lifeless. Yes, color and highlighting have a slight effect on the hair, but for this, do so 2-3 times a day in the hair. ”

Best Face Products

Foundation: Always choose the color of your skin in mind. Oily, dry, mixed, sensitive, what kind of skin your skin is, keep this in mind before buying cosmetics. Oriflame Sweden Giordani Gold Long Wear Mineral Foundation easily grows on the face. It also brings glow on the face, also protects the skin from the side effects of sunlight. In this, ‘Precious Italian Volcano Mineral’, which acts as an antigen with the care of the skin.

The Mac Pro Long Wear is also a great foundation, which gives the skin a unique glow.

Oriflame, Mack, Facez, La Prairie Skin Cavity Concealer Foundation, these are all high-quality products.

Oriflame Makeup Foundation

Eye Makeup Cosmetics: Choose Kajal Oriflame, Lakme, Mabinlin, Mac. Make a selection of eyeshadow from Juvias Place, Make-up Revolution.

Best Makeup Products

Setting powder: Laura Mercier, Mack

Concealer: Make-up Revolution, Facials, Bobby Brown.

Contour: Cutawon D Shade and Light, Mack.

Highlighter: The Blame Marie Flame Manizer

Lipstick: Mack, Oriflame Giordani, NYX, Maybelline.

Anti-aging Cream: Oriflame Cosmetics director Seema Sharma explains, “Oriflame has taken Nouvez in 3 series keeping in mind the Indian environment on anti-aging. From 30

You can buy these products at a very affordable price from Amazon

By the age of 50, you can reduce the rising streaks on your face and become beautiful. Ole antioxidant creams have also had excellent results. ”

Women using Pro-Collagen Marine Cream say that using this cream without any doubt, only 15 days can see the difference on their face. Bobby Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream also proved to be the best.

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