Tips For Hair Styling and Hair Care

Hair Care & Hair Styling Tips

Talking about the new ways of hair keeping and hairstyle, during a fab meeting at Delhi Press Bhawan. Hair Expert and stylist Arif Salmani gave tips on hair care as well as telling some special stages.

In today’s young girls, there are many questions in the mind like how to take care of hair, which hairstyles should be adopted, how to get a perfect look, care for rough hair, etc. Talking about the new ways of hair keeping and hairstyle, during a fab meeting at Delhi Press Bhawan. Hair Expert and stylist Arif Salman gave tips on hair care as well as telling some special stages.

Do such care

The continuous increasing pollution makes the hair weak and lifeless. In this case, by making these tips you can make your hair beautiful and dense:

Sexy Woman Having Curly Hair

  • Use coconut milk to nourish hair. Coconut milk gives nourishment to the hair, and it also makes the hair tall and shiny. If you have hair too much then you must use coconut milk. From this, your hair will look soft and silky.
  • You can also use vinegar to make hair shiny. Vinegar contains potassium and curative enzymes that relieve itching and dandruff.
  • Hair is kept healthy by massaging almonds, olive or coconut oil in hair twice a week.
  • Protein Treatment should definitely take care of hair care. To give protein proteins to hair, apply 1 egg whipped to the wet hair. Leave it for 15 minutes and then wash with a little water.
  • To remove dandruff from hair roots
    Add 3 spoons of yogurt to a little bit of black pepper powder. Wash it after half an hour. Do it twice a week.
  • Apple vinegar can give hair new life. By applying only 5 minutes of apple vinegar in the hair, the hair gets a new glow.
  • Massage hair roots twice a week from the Aloe Vera gel. Doing this will make the hair shine and hair loss will be less.
  • Do not comb into wet hair, this weakens the hair.
  • Serum in light wet hair. Serum softens the hair. This does not seem to scatter hair. If you have hair dry or curly hair, you must use a hair serum. The difference will be seen to you.
  • Do not use too hot water to wash hair.
  • 2 times a week in the spa. If the parlor cannot go, then spas at home.
  • Let the hair steam. If you do not have a steamer, you can also steam hair with a hot towel.

    Beautiful Hairs

Tips for Perfect Hairstyles

On the face, we work with make-up, but the perfect look only comes when hairstyles are different from everyone. Hairstylist Arif tells you some easy tips that can help you with your hairstyle a charming look:

  • Whenever you make hairstyles for a wedding party, keep in mind your hair is well washed.
  • Do not have oil in the hair.
  • Use the dryer before making hairstyle.
  • If you do curl, you can use hair mold before curl. Curls will last longer than this.
  • If the hair is drier then use a serum.

Arif also told some hairstyles that can be tried on curly hair or on long, short hair, in addition to the braid:

Make a Simple Braid Stylish: Bollywood Salivrates also have a peak with fashionable dresses. You can also make a high ponytail, fishtail, sea peak. This will not make your hair scattered and you will also find very attractive.

Hair Braid Styling

Half Bun: From Salles to ordinary girls, everyone likes to make half. To make this type of hairstyle, bind your forward hair like a bun and keep the back hair open. Try this hairstyle with Western Look. You can also use hair spray and serum to keep hair stable.

Messy Look Hairstyling: For Macy Look, make the top of the hair in 6-7 parts and make the peak and leave the entire night and set it in the morning. If you want to look messy immediately, you curl up. Straighten them with the help of fingerprints after curls. You will be seen in the perfect messy look.

Celebrity Look Hairstyle: Celebrity Look Hairstyle Feels Like Both Western Dancing Or Formal For this look, take out the middle of the middle and make 2 parts of the hair. Curl the hair downward and make the back hair pony. Remember to not create high pony. Use hair spray to set hair.

Western Bun: Party Look Hairstyle is very much like to be made. The specialty of the bun is that it looks good on both the Western and Indian drawings. If you have more Confucius in making hairstyles, then you can make Western Brew Trio.

Western Bun

Make it this way:

  • Wash the hair blast to Western hair hairstyle.

  • Can use combing according to the texture of your hair.

  • Divide the hair into two parts, take the center hair from the back side.

  • Use Tong Rood for Bun.

  • Curl the remaining hair of backside.

  • Now make the stuffing with the help of hairpin according to the size of the bone.

  • Whenever Western becomes ready, use hair spray so that it does not get spoiled.

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