Office dressing style.


Your costume tells you about your personality. Do not make mistakes in the selection of this. I am going to tell you about the formal dressing style for your office.

In any office, you can go and see that the women who are well dressed, their enthusiasm and charm are seen separately. They also look quite confidential. Such women talk freely, they are not hesitant.

Look at those women who are in simple costumes. Such women will see you sitting in a corner and handling their work quickly and quickly. They neither mix more with others nor do much talking. Even at lunch, your Tiffin also eats alone in the corner. Such women can be sharp in their work, but they are all stubborn and keep a negative environment around them.

In fact, reaching the age of 30-35 years in India, women reaching their costumes become careless, which is wrong. Generally, 60-year-old women can also look enthusiastic, fashionable. Just lipstick on lips, high heels, beautiful purses, hair color in the hair and makeup on the face should be included in their routine.

If you are a working woman, you should also be conscious of your personality along with work. The office is not just a place to handle. Here you spend 8 to 10 hours a day with other people. If you are well-prepared and come to the office, not only will you be seen with praise but you will feel excited about yourself.

Follow dress code

Follow dress code

If the dress code is applicable in the office, then follow it 100%. After having a dress code, wearing anything and leaving the office will make a wrong image of you. It would be good to have at least 4 pairs of this dress so that they can wear clean and ironed clothes every day.

The office is not only a working place

Some people consider the office just as a place to handle the task. They think that only work is to be done. So, what does it matter if you wear anything? If you keep thinking of this, then it is wrong. It takes 8-10 hours a day for you to work in the office, in such a situation it will not be wise to accept the office only to settle the work. Here’s a way to keep your dress, style, wake up, and the way to talk. By looking a little beautiful, living in disciplines and etiquette can make the atmosphere of the office beautiful.

Give yourself a little time

Suppose working women are playing dual responsibilities of home and office. In the morning, eating food for everyone, engaging in the preparations of children and husband, necessary instructions to the servants and after that, how fast the time in preparing themselves is not known. Regardless of this, you should give yourself at least 45 minutes to prepare for your preparation before going to the office.

For the time of the morning, select clothes to wear in the morning and choose jewelry related to it. From this, morning time will not be able to think about what to wear today?

After bathing, apply a moisturizing or bodied lotion on the bud. From this, where the skin is smoother, you will survive the problem of the Kharish and there will be a glow on your skin throughout the day.

Some women shampoo in hair 1-2 times a week. this is wrong. You should leave one day, shampoo, apply the conditioner and set the hair properly. Blunt and spewed hair produce dullness in personality. Blunt hair can also have rashes or small grains on the face.

After this, you pay attention to your dress, makeup, and footwear. Light make-up, light jewelry and matching handbags and footwear will make your personality look bright.

Improve the Personality

Improve the Personality

Once you are ready for office, once you see yourself in the mirror from top to bottom. Ask yourself if this dress is presenting your personality accurately in the office? While preparing, do not forget one thing that your dress is part of your personality. Your image will be the same as you will wear.

The office is not a place of exhibition

The office is not your place of the exhibition of clothing or jewelry. Whatever you wear in the office, it is Sobar. You can wear the rest of the drawings to the rest of the place. The clothes should be tailored to your age. It is not that you are 20-22 years old, and every day they are wrapping saris and they are 40 years old then you can reach the skirts or midi office. If the clothes are according to your age, then your personality will attract people and you will be able to make a complimentary compliment.

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