Enjoy drizzling without fearing


The rainy season has its own special pleasure, but in this season, physical problems can also be compromised.

We all eagerly wait for the rainy season to get relief from scorching heat. The fun of this romantic season is really unique, but due to the rain in this season, you have to face the problems of health, fitness, clothing, skin, and hairstyles. To avoid these problems, special tips given by experts:

Rain and fitness

The rainy season is pleasant and pleasant, but due to rain, there is a restriction on the fondness of the amateurs like jogging, cloves, and exercise, etc. But in this season there is a need to follow the exercise of timetable strictly without giving leave to exercise.

Due to the rain, we tend to outsource outside or go to the gym. Sometimes people entertain people by watching their fitness programs on TV in their home. But the wrong accretion may cause a pencil pen. Therefore going to a gym is the best option as we can properly resize the gym.

Even if you can not go to the gym every day, you must go for at least 5 days a week regularly. It is also important to take adequate amounts of proteins after the exercise. If you have to stay fit in today’s race-filled life, then the proper combination of fitness and diet is very important.

Rain & Fitness

If the weight is increasing then you can keep Yoga, Power Yoga or Salsa dance with the accessories in the gym and keep it in the weight control. Today, not just celebrity, it has become a need for the common man to go to the gym. Bondi toning is done with the accessories and remains in weight control.

Today’s youth think that by doing cardio at the gym, we can bring our babies in shape, but the need for balanced diets, exchanges, and comfort for a bodied shape. If you will take care of all these things in the rainy season, the rainy season will be even more pleasant.

Cotton one of the best options

To be fresh in the rainy season, it is important to select the clothes carefully. At this time the temperature is much humid and the moisture absorbs the cotton cloth. Therefore, the selection of clothing is best for this season. Nowadays there are various options for Light Couture for the rainy season. You choose the color of light color in the summer season, but in the rainy season, you can choose dark color clothing.

Cotton Clothes

There are mud, water, and dirt all around the rainy season. Still, we have to travel by bus or train. Mud and clay stains are not visible on the dark color clothing, which often takes place in clothing during this season. With the cotton, you can also choose synthetic fabrics because synthetic fabrics dry quickly after damping. Do not use denim and woolen clothes in the rain at all. It takes too much time to dry them, and the smell of moisture keeps coming from them.

If you have to wear a sari on a program or wedding, in the rain, you can wear synthetic sarees of floral prints and designer work. Jewelry also wears light weighted and non-colored wear. Also, pay special attention to makeup with clothes in the rainy season. Use waterproof makeup products instead of Powder, Kumkum. If there are small hairstyles then they can leave them open. If the hair is long, you can hold a peak and fold it up.

Skin & Hair Care Essential

Everyone in the first rain wants to enjoy the rainy season. But it should stay away from it because of the problems of skin due to the excessive rainfall of acid rain in the initial rain.

In this season people understand that there is no sunlight, then what is the need to apply sunscreen? But this is not true. It is very important to apply sunscreen during this season. So you should put sunscreen in the morning and apply sunscreen after 3-4 hours of it.

Some people believe that skin and hair care is not needed in this season. But there is no sunshine in the rain and there is no cold feeling of dresses, the reason is that there is a lot of change in skin and hair during the rainy season.

Skincare In Rain

Sometimes the skin becomes oily and sometimes dry. In addition to this, the skin becomes lazy. The problem of pimples and blackheads increases because of sweating and oily and due to dust on the face. Due to the viscosity of the skin in this season, some people do not understand the need to apply the moisturizer but skin care is very important to maintain a natural complexion.

Cleansing is also very important in the rain. Use the alcohol-free toner after cleansing. Due to moisture in this season, skin pores open automatically. Due to this, the problem of pimples increases due to the accumulation of dust. That is why toning is necessary after cleansing. The open pores are closed from this.

Even though the sun hides in the clouds during this season, but the ultraviolet rays are active. Use Lightning Agent and Lactic Acid Moisturizer for this and add the salad, vegetable soup to your diet. Water is required for skin humdrum, so drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. There is no thirst in the rain, but there should be no water shortage in the body. For this, you should drink plenty of water, keep this in mind.

This romantic season is fun but it is also fun to make it even more enjoyable.

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