Hair Perming


If your hairstyle looks faded due to lack of hair, then this method of curling them can be useful to you. Here, I explain the steps of Hair Perming for you.

Dense hair, which enhances the beauty of a woman, while light hair reduces beauty. In such a way, to maintain the beauty and look stylish, give your hair different look and this look can be done by doing warm hair in your hair.

Hairstylist C.L Verma during a fab meeting at Delhi Press Bhawan told about the easy ways of perming which special things are being offered to you here:

Perming tips

  • First of all wash hair.
  • Dry your hair with a towel
  • Make many sections of hair.
  • Learn how to apply roller.
  • Make application with 3 round lotions on each roller.
  • Cover hair with shower cap and towel.
  • After 15 minutes open the rolled hair.
  • Dry the moisture of each roller with the tissue paper.
  • Add neutralizer. Once in the tied hair and once in the open hair.

How to do perming?

Hair Perming

Driving the towel to the washed hair, make a section in the V-Shape to the back of the nose, straightening the demand on both sides of the tip. Then make ear to two years ago 2 sections. Then make 1-1 sections on either side of the ear. After these 5 sections have been created, put the roller in the eyebrow’s center ahead. Now take 1-1 braces and make a roll from the paper at every end of the hair. Set rollers to be rolled.

After applying all the rollers, apply the powdering lotion on every roller. After entering around, add another round too. Then cover the roller with the shower cap. Cover it from the top with the towel. Check after 15 minutes to see if the hair is rolled or not. Look for the first roller for this. If you have hair rolls, after 15 minutes, wash hair tied with the roller with plain water. Then dry the 1-1 roller water from the tissue paper. Well once from the top of the roller and once from the bottom of the roller.

Then put neutralizer. Before applying neutralizer, roller hair should not be moisture. Then open the hair after a while. After opening, leave it for 5 minutes by putting neutralizer in it again. After that, wash with water.

Then let the hair dry out normally, in this way, the entire hair will become soft curls, half of which lift the hair and leave the clutch. In both cases, the hair will look dense and stylish.

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