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Confluence of Natural Beauty | Mukteshwar

If you want peace and quiet moment, then come to visit Mukteshwar. This place will attract you very much.

Mukteshwar is one of the most beautiful places in Nainital district of Kumaon division of Uttarakhand. It is 45 km from Nainital. Is settled at a distance. In Mukteshwar the natural beauty is scattered everywhere. Because the forest, lake, waterfalls, and wildlife are very rich here. It is 2,290 meters above sea level.

In the forests, there are races monkeys, langur, deer, rare mountain birds, leopards, black bears and so on. Here’s something for everyone. If you are fond of adventure games, you can do rock climbing, wrapping, nature walk, and jungle walk too.

Mukteshwar’s beautiful litigants are located in the Club 10 pine lodge. Here you will be relaxed and enjoyable like a home outside. The rooms here are large and airy. The balcony of most rooms opens like mountains. In the mountains, there are often ceilings in the rooms, but the Club 10 Pine Lounge rooms are not sealed. In the lodge, you can park the car comfortably. The lodge is surrounded by pine trees from all around. In front of the lodge, there are the local residents’ fields, which look very beautiful. If you want peace and relaxation, then this place will attract you very much.

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Each room has LCD TVs and dish connections. The lighting of every room has happened in such a way that it not only appeals to you but also fills you with a relaxed one. The bathrooms are quite large and have a geyser in all, where comfortably you can use hot water.

Another feature of the lodge is that here you will find cheeks These masks have been procured from Nigeria. The Club 10 Pine Lounge also has its own dining area and the Cook makes a very healthy meal. Here you will find both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. If you want to eat something like a lighthouse, then you can cook comfortably by speaking.

The Guide of Club 10 Pine Lounge will take you to visit nearby forests, waterfalls too. If you want to look like birds and wildlife, this guided tour will be great for you. There are also waterfalls on a short distance from the lodge, where you can go on a trip.

You can absorb your favorite drink while sitting in the lodge’s garden and looking at the mountains. The lodge also has a game room where you can play games like Carrom, Ludo, Chase, and Tabletanis. If you do not go out in the evening and want to spend time in the lodge, then you can relax the game room comfortably.

At the time of the season, the rate of the hotels is 4000 and 3000 of normal rooms. But in the off-season, both of you can meet at the discount rate.

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